Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sad news

After watching all morning and not seeing the Mama Robin I peered inside to find no more babies. It appears she has abandoned the nest. But what happened to the babies? I can only assume that she moved them because the nest is still in exactly the same spot, i.e. the racoon couldn't have gotten them. I did a little research and did not find any information about Robins moving their babies. There is plenty of information about them abandoning the babies if they think they are in danger. It did say that Robins often build more than one nest. Let's hope that she was able to safely transport them to another nest. We will probably never know.


Yaya said...

Don't underestimate the raccoon.

Juleah said...

I can't believe how emotionally involved I am. I am so sad right now. I am very sorry for you, I know you were really enjoying them.