Monday, May 21, 2007

Raccoon Terrorizing our Neighborhood

The more I think about it the more likely I think it is that the raccoon got the baby robins. I don't know how he could have climbed up the umbrella pole but he is a mischievous one. Besides getting in the trash often, we have seen him out several times in the late afternoon this past week and chased him off both the front and back porches. The boys are always leaving the back sliding door open and Sunday morning we noticed the bread bag hanging out of the drawer clawed to shreds. Yesterday evening I needed my wallet and it wasn't in my bag. I retraced my steps, searched the car and called the stores I visited but still no wallet. I also noted that Sam's bag of candy was missing from my purse. This morning I glanced out the back door and there was my wallet amidst empty candy wrappers all over the back porch! The raccoon had come all the way into the house and into the front hallway and stolen my wallet and the candy from my purse in broad daylight!! Needless to say, I called Critter Control this morning and Kevin will be by sometime today to set a trap. They charge $49 for the service call and another $49 to "dispose" of the raccoon. It will be an exciting evening as we wait for the thief to be caught.


Yaya said...

Wow. Life is indeed a jungle and you're right in the middle of it! Pretty creepy thinking about him being in your house. Hope you catch him tonight.

Juleah said...

Sounds exciting! He sounds pretty cute. I think you should keep him around so you can keep us entertained:)