Monday, May 21, 2007

Confirmed Catch

By six o'clock we had a confirmed catch. The raccoon looks so cute and scared in the trap. All of the children crowded around and cooed over him talking about the family that I was taking him away from and slipping pizza crusts through the little holes. What a mean Mommy I am and "who has a job where you take animals away from their families?; that must be the WORST job in the world!" I was afraid Sam and Victoria were going to chain themselves to the trap in protest. Sam says he won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about the poor raccoon being taken away tomorrow morning. And the worst of it is that they all think the raccoon is going to be released into the wild. They have no idea we are sending the cute little wallet stealer to the gas chamber. Literally. What can I say. Someone has to be the strong one. I just keep hearing Meryl Streep over and over in my head in that Australian accent screaming "The dingo stole my baby!" A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do.


Yaya said...

LOL. My grandpa used to have a raccoon as a pet when he had the filling station. We loved to feed him cheetos out of our hands until one day he got a little unruly. Grandpa got rid of him. Probably took him out in the woods and shot him. They are cute, but what a pest. Good job, mama.

BTW: What's a dingo?

Sarah said...

A dingo is a wild dog. You obviously don't remember that movie. Sam came running in this morning so excited that the raccoon was sleeping and it was daytime. "He's not sick anymore!" he said. So sad. Bye bye little raccoon.

Yaya said...

It's best for Sam to think the raccoon is going to live in the wild where he's better suited.