Friday, July 20, 2007

In retrospect

In retrospect, after reading my last blog I realize that it may have sounded more negative than I had intended. I have a tendency to say things without tact. Or at least with less tact than I intended. That was made clear by the look my husband gave me today after finally reading my last blog. It is hard to say what you really think without offending people. That being said, everything I say has everything to do with ME and nothing to do with anyone else. I was pleasantly surprised at the warm feelings I felt on my most recent trip to OK. However, I don't think that was the predominant feeling that was communicated in my writing. It is hard for people to realize this who haven't been in my shoes. I really have bad memories of my first 21 years in Oklahoma. Memories that make me shudder in my shoes. Not because I had bad parents or shoes from Payless (although that was horrifying). The fact that I am not miserable NOW is a big accomplishment for ME. My writing is more of a mind dump than a comment on the people who happen to be included in the thought process.

I also find it interesting that I love writing and most people are complimentary. My husband, however, thinks I should look elsewhere for my next career. He is not impressed.

I will strive to write about my feelings without wondering what people think although that seems quite difficult at this point. When will we get to the point that we really don't care what people think??