Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Give Me That Fish!!!

I can't get this freaking song out of my head. I sing it all day long. And I just get better and better.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hollywood Exposed

Ok, so I was just going to get Botox and not talk about it. There are so many haters in my life. Jealous bitches. And I really just love to show up looking fabulous and pretend I don't hear the whispers as I enter the room.

It had been a while since I got it (the first time). I was nervous. I took a bunch of Advil to numb the pain. I neglected to remember that ibuprophen is a blood thinner so it makes you bruise easier. Dumbass.

Dr. Gonzales was the plastic surgeon administering the injections. I have to admit I felt special having a plastic surgeon paying attention to me but not suggesting I do anything more. Your tits are fabulous! How old are you? NO?! Really?

One of the first things he said was "It's like Rice Krispies, right?". I said, "Huh?" Apparently I missed that the first time around. He reminded me it sounds like Rice Krispies when you penetrate some particular layer of skin.

I squealed like a stuck pig after every injection. And, oddly enough, it did sound like Rice Krispies. Creeeeeepy. But cool. I love that kinda shit.

Another weird thing that I should probably not be sharing is the fact that I can wiggle my ears like crazy now. I have always had that particular talent. However, after exercising my brow muscles, as instructed, I found that since certain muscles were paralyzed others were working overtime. My ears. Sexy. No?

I Don't Want Your Suggestions

i dont give a shit pin] Pictures, Images and PhotosI beg of you. Don't give me any suggestions. No, do. No, don't. For me, it's a big deal to listen to what other people think but ultimately listen to myself. Part of me is saying that this is all a bunch of bullshit so it doesn't matter. But it does. It is definitely an exercise in self expression and esteem.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Searching for Sarah . . . . .

What Would Sarah Do? . . . After reading the What Would Tyler Durden Do? blog every day I am reluctant to to have this title although I like the concept. Don't all of my readers want to know??!! What would I do??

I would love to hear any suggestions . . . .

Friday, March 20, 2009

Layout and Title

The current layout is actually the same as before with a different picture (that I plan on changing). I really liked the white picket fence pic with the chicken wire.. . . .

One avid follower suggested it might be time to change my title. I am open to suggestions although I am sort of attached to Disturbia.

My husband made a point the other day that makes me wonder if it applies to my blog also. I would ask him but he would probably distract me by telling me I'm cute thus making me forget what I was asking in the first place. He has a habit of doing that when he doesn't want to answer my questions. What was I saying? Oh yeah.

This is going to be a long drawn out boring way to make my point. which is not the least bit exciting. but here goes. . .

I have been wanting another tattoo for quite awhile now. Every time I ask my husband about one of my fabulous ideas he says, "I don't know if you're a 'tattoo on the neck' or a 'tattoo on the wrist' kind of girl" or a "blah blah blah kind of girl" or some shit like that. I usually just give a big sigh, smile and go back to my housewifely duties rather than repeatedly poke my fingers in his eyes.

So, after way too many of these same conversations, I asked ever so sweetly "Well, what the fuck kind of tattoo girl am I?? You just want to be the only cool one, don't you?! (he has lots of cool tattoos) " He finally gave me an explanation.

He said he thought I kept wanting these edgy tattoos that didn't go with my (not edgy) personality when getting a tattoo was edgy enough. That was actually the perfect analysis and explanation. He was totally right. Which was totally frustrating. He thinks I should get butterflies or flowers or some other girly shit.

My OTHER point is . . . I think my Disturbia title and pics are the edgy side of me that only really exists, if at all, in this blogging world. Thus I am reluctant to change it.

So whatddaya think??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Power 90: Day 2

I would like to thank everyone who politely held their tongue while quietly laughing their ass off when I said I was going to do P90X. Upon doing some research (after making my impulse purchase) and listening to my body (it was screaming are you f@*%ng crazy?!) I have decided to do Power 90 (the precursor to P90X).

I started yesterday and I think it will be perfect for me. I'm a little sore today but still highly functional and motivated. I have a sick child today so I haven't done Day 2 workout yet. But I will.

I took a before picture which I will not be posting.

P.S. I know I keep changing my layout but tell me what you think. is it easier to read with a white background or the yellow or should I try something else.

Power 90 Update: Lucy was finally feeling better so I put her in front of Dora in the room next to me and started Day 2 (cardio). Of course, she came in to see what I was doing and exclaimed "Good Job, Mama!!" Then she proceded to get in my way and I almost kick boxed her into the next room.

The Day 2 Cardio was harder than the Day 1 Sculpting. I am so glad I didn't start off with that Extreme shit.

What about This?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Searching for a new Look

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Season

Shit or get off the pot Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm feeling the end of a season, the beginning of a season, maybe boredom or perhaps my conscious . . . . whatever the fuck. I don't know.

My trashy shows are almost over. I've been checking out books from the library. I've been writing Haikus for goodness sake. Whatsa goin' on??!!

I have even committed with my sister-in-law to 'bring it' with P90X. I am the first person to jump on an exercise or nutrition bandwagon. I am also usually the first one to jump off the bandwagon. So, here I am, putting it out there. I ordered the DVDs and the chin up bar and I have committed to complete the 90 days of extreme workouts. I have yet to start the program but if I actually follow through I will be smokin' by summer. At a minimum, I can't look worse. Right??

In order to make this happen I will have to stop my nightly wine drinking and tv watching and actually get my big ass to bed and then up early in the morning. Just typing it is enough to make me realize it's a bad idea.

Alas. It's time to shit or get off the pot. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Haiku

sun Pictures, Images and Photos
We have had such cold temps here in Pittsburgh and this weekend was our first glimpse of Spring. It was wonderful. While at the park I was inspired to write my first Haiku of the year.

Cloudy eyes confused
Fresh faces smiling all day
Pale shy skin peeks out

Little toes are bare
Feeling the grass and pavement
Squishing in the mud

Bubbles are blowing
Doors are open, flies are in
Dust off your scooter

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sarah's Quick Jambalya

This is my shortcut recipe to jambalya. It can be ready in thirty minutes and it always gets rave reviews. My one official follower, DC Taste, is a chef in DC so this is not for her but for all the rest of you looking for a quick and easy meal that is sure to please.

* 1 box Zatarains Jambalya mix (usually in the rice aisle at your grocery store) Follow the directions on the box to cook but use a little more water than it calls for (I use chicken stock instead of water because I like it extra salty)

* Add 1 can of diced tomatoes, any variety. No need to drain.

* Add 1 large can of chicken (bigger than your normal tuna can). It's right by the canned tuna. It's great for casseroles or dishes like this. No need to drain. I like my jambalaya a little saucy. Like me.

While the above is cooking, pan fry some spicy andouille sausage or hot links. You can find them by the hot dogs. I slice up about two links and saute it until its a little charred and then dump it in the jambalaya pot, grease and all.

Let it all cook the 25 min or so that it says on the box and you're done! It's delicious.

Other nice additions are a little sauteed celery or onions. Thawed frozen shrimp, sauteed in the sausage grease is good too.

It's great with cornbread. Get that going while you're waiting for the water/stock to boil. Chopped jalepenos or canned corn are great additions to a plain cornbread batter (these would need to be drained : )

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol Update

It sucks.

I am still secretly wondering if they're going to bust out with the fact that it's really Special Olympics: American Idol Style. They might be testing us to see just how PC and nice people can be. It is the era of Obama, after all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rock of Love Bus Update

The first season of Rock of Love was really good. I'm not sure why I'm still loyal to it because last season sucked and this season sucks. The girls have gotten increasingly trampy (hard to believe). I guess I just really really really want Bret to find love.

Brittanya. She's pretty much dumb and mute but she's still there because she has some sick tattoos.

This is Big John trying to reason with a very drunk girl named Kelsey. Just squint your eyes and picture me where Big John is and one of my kids in the place of Kelsey. It was pretty much the same conversation we have . . . crying, crying, crying then "Come oooooonnn, suck it up. What are you, a little bitch?" I really like those socks though. I wish I could pull off that look.

Taya(not her real name - wink, wink). She got the fabulous news while filming the show that she was named Penthouse Pet of the Year. On the last show there was a challenge where the girls had to show their moves on a stripper pole. Some girls, although they looked like strippers, fell flat. That shit is harder than it looks! Jaws dropped, however, when Taya stepped up. WTF, they whispered, I think . . . Taya . . . might have done . . . . this before!#@!? If you were watching the show you probably didn't notice their jaws dropping because of all those big titties. but trust me.

When I was trying to find a picture of Taya I, of course, ran across some nude pictures of her HERE. I stumbled across them. I did not look for them. But there they were so I took a peek. Her face looks much better in pictures than in real life (on TV). Her areolas are HUGE. It looked like a UFO landed on her boob. More disconcerting was her vagina. I didn't notice it at first but once I did I was quite taken aback. I've never really looked at other vaginas before, or my own for that matter. Hers looked like a little hairless gremlin. like it might jump out and snatch you up. never to return.

Just in case you aren't up on the show. . . why would you be? This is Bret. If you know me at all, you know I hated the '80s. It was an awful decade for me. I hate most '80s music. I was never a big fan of Poison. Bret is definitely not my type. Hair extensions, artificially plumped up lips and bandanas just don't do it for me. But he is funny and smart and entertaining and I am some how able to overlook the fact that he is a man whore.

Last year, after becoming a fan of the show, I went to a Poison concert with my Rock of Love girlfriends. We had the BEST time!! The girl second from the left was pregnant so she was our designated driver. Bonus! If you look closely you might be able to see that the pregnant girl is wearing a tank top that says "Bret's Baby" with a big down arrow. We got a big kick out of ourselves.