Friday, March 20, 2009

Layout and Title

The current layout is actually the same as before with a different picture (that I plan on changing). I really liked the white picket fence pic with the chicken wire.. . . .

One avid follower suggested it might be time to change my title. I am open to suggestions although I am sort of attached to Disturbia.

My husband made a point the other day that makes me wonder if it applies to my blog also. I would ask him but he would probably distract me by telling me I'm cute thus making me forget what I was asking in the first place. He has a habit of doing that when he doesn't want to answer my questions. What was I saying? Oh yeah.

This is going to be a long drawn out boring way to make my point. which is not the least bit exciting. but here goes. . .

I have been wanting another tattoo for quite awhile now. Every time I ask my husband about one of my fabulous ideas he says, "I don't know if you're a 'tattoo on the neck' or a 'tattoo on the wrist' kind of girl" or a "blah blah blah kind of girl" or some shit like that. I usually just give a big sigh, smile and go back to my housewifely duties rather than repeatedly poke my fingers in his eyes.

So, after way too many of these same conversations, I asked ever so sweetly "Well, what the fuck kind of tattoo girl am I?? You just want to be the only cool one, don't you?! (he has lots of cool tattoos) " He finally gave me an explanation.

He said he thought I kept wanting these edgy tattoos that didn't go with my (not edgy) personality when getting a tattoo was edgy enough. That was actually the perfect analysis and explanation. He was totally right. Which was totally frustrating. He thinks I should get butterflies or flowers or some other girly shit.

My OTHER point is . . . I think my Disturbia title and pics are the edgy side of me that only really exists, if at all, in this blogging world. Thus I am reluctant to change it.

So whatddaya think??

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Mom said...

Hello. This is your mother speaking. This so reminds me of the time I wanted you to clean your bedroom so I could see the floor, to which you replied that your bedroom was the only part of your life that was not organized or orderly and that you needed that outlet. It was so important to you that wrote a paper on the topic for your English class.

Keep your title and your blog edgy. It makes for good reading.