Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rock of Love Bus Update

The first season of Rock of Love was really good. I'm not sure why I'm still loyal to it because last season sucked and this season sucks. The girls have gotten increasingly trampy (hard to believe). I guess I just really really really want Bret to find love.

Brittanya. She's pretty much dumb and mute but she's still there because she has some sick tattoos.

This is Big John trying to reason with a very drunk girl named Kelsey. Just squint your eyes and picture me where Big John is and one of my kids in the place of Kelsey. It was pretty much the same conversation we have . . . crying, crying, crying then "Come oooooonnn, suck it up. What are you, a little bitch?" I really like those socks though. I wish I could pull off that look.

Taya(not her real name - wink, wink). She got the fabulous news while filming the show that she was named Penthouse Pet of the Year. On the last show there was a challenge where the girls had to show their moves on a stripper pole. Some girls, although they looked like strippers, fell flat. That shit is harder than it looks! Jaws dropped, however, when Taya stepped up. WTF, they whispered, I think . . . Taya . . . might have done . . . . this before!#@!? If you were watching the show you probably didn't notice their jaws dropping because of all those big titties. but trust me.

When I was trying to find a picture of Taya I, of course, ran across some nude pictures of her HERE. I stumbled across them. I did not look for them. But there they were so I took a peek. Her face looks much better in pictures than in real life (on TV). Her areolas are HUGE. It looked like a UFO landed on her boob. More disconcerting was her vagina. I didn't notice it at first but once I did I was quite taken aback. I've never really looked at other vaginas before, or my own for that matter. Hers looked like a little hairless gremlin. like it might jump out and snatch you up. never to return.

Just in case you aren't up on the show. . . why would you be? This is Bret. If you know me at all, you know I hated the '80s. It was an awful decade for me. I hate most '80s music. I was never a big fan of Poison. Bret is definitely not my type. Hair extensions, artificially plumped up lips and bandanas just don't do it for me. But he is funny and smart and entertaining and I am some how able to overlook the fact that he is a man whore.

Last year, after becoming a fan of the show, I went to a Poison concert with my Rock of Love girlfriends. We had the BEST time!! The girl second from the left was pregnant so she was our designated driver. Bonus! If you look closely you might be able to see that the pregnant girl is wearing a tank top that says "Bret's Baby" with a big down arrow. We got a big kick out of ourselves.


Connie said...

Love the group pic.

Anonymous said...

The show needs us!!!!!!!