Thursday, March 19, 2009

Power 90: Day 2

I would like to thank everyone who politely held their tongue while quietly laughing their ass off when I said I was going to do P90X. Upon doing some research (after making my impulse purchase) and listening to my body (it was screaming are you f@*%ng crazy?!) I have decided to do Power 90 (the precursor to P90X).

I started yesterday and I think it will be perfect for me. I'm a little sore today but still highly functional and motivated. I have a sick child today so I haven't done Day 2 workout yet. But I will.

I took a before picture which I will not be posting.

P.S. I know I keep changing my layout but tell me what you think. is it easier to read with a white background or the yellow or should I try something else.

Power 90 Update: Lucy was finally feeling better so I put her in front of Dora in the room next to me and started Day 2 (cardio). Of course, she came in to see what I was doing and exclaimed "Good Job, Mama!!" Then she proceded to get in my way and I almost kick boxed her into the next room.

The Day 2 Cardio was harder than the Day 1 Sculpting. I am so glad I didn't start off with that Extreme shit.


Connie said...

I like the pale yellow.

dctaste said...

where the f have you been? hell, i haven't gotten a fix in a while.

i once started a blog about working out, trying to discuss the road to acquiring a hot ass. i hope yours will inspire me to do it again. but here i sit on my fat arse thinking about it. i gotta be a skinny biatch for the reunion, don't you think?

i think i like the old layout better but not sure why. i can't figure out how to make mine more readable but i don't know html so i guess it'll stay as it is. good luck with your p90!!!! go girl!

j said...

P90x is some extreme powerful shit. You will be ready for it soon enough.