Thursday, May 24, 2007

Huck Finn

Although I've never read Huckleberry Finn I do think Sam is Huck Finn reincarnated. That, or Jeremiah Johnson (movie starring Robert Redford in 1972). Today Sam went on a play date and the Mom took Sam and Alex to the nearby creek. When I went to pick him up I saw him wading waist deep in the creek and covered in mud. In the three hours they had been there the two boys had searched for a stick, found some string, found an actual fishing hook and fashioned a fishing pole. They dug for worms and managed to catch two rainbow trout and two salamanders. We now have a small trout swimming in our Sponge Bob fish tank. What do you feed a domesticated rainbow trout? I have no idea. He'll probably start by eating the poor beta fish we already have. Girls do not do this on play dates.

On another note, we still have raccoons in our yard. The two that we caught were female and male respectively. Critter Control Guy says there's probably a litter still out there. Last night we left the cherries out on the back porch and today they were completely gone. As long as they're not roaming around in the day I guess I won't try to trap them and send them to the gas chamber.


Yaya said...

What I find as interesting as anything is the ingenuity shown in coming up with the idea. How clever and how determined they were. As for the raccoons, my recommendation is to not leave any food out for them, which may eventually discourage them from hanging around.

Trick Dog said...

Hellooo? Anything going on out there?