Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Metaphor for my Life?

I was on the gazelle today watching Oprah and it was all about clutter and how your house is a metaphor for your life. Well, I don't really have THAT much clutter so I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not embarrassed to have anyone over or anything like that. BUT . . . I cleaned out my diaper bag the other day and oddly enough there weren't any diapers in it. What I did find among the God knows what was encrusted on the bottom of it was about 6 different colored pens, 6 different shades of lip gloss, 2 Swiss Army knives, 2 bottles of infant tylenol, one pink baby shoe, two pkgs of unopened flushable wipes, one movie ready to return to Netflix, one movie ready to return to Giant Eagle (both movies still not returned but due today), two pkgs of Kleenex, various receipts, an empty diapee and wipee holder, plastic container full of baby wipes, a very cute raincoat of Lucy's, grocery list pad, Weight Watcher booklet just waiting for that next weigh in sticker, Trident bubble gum, cell phone . . .. that is all from memory; I'm sure there was more. If that's a metaphor for my life I think I'm in big trouble. The good news is I cleaned it out before I watched Oprah and now it's pretty clean and organized. So I think I'm on the path to recovery . . . stay tuned for what I find when I clean out my car.

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Yaya said...

That really made me laugh.