Friday, May 4, 2007

Robin's Nest

I am completely fascinated by a robin that has built her nest beneath our patio umbrella on the back porch. At first I thought the kids were just gathering dirt and twigs and crap for one of their brilliant but impractical projects, i.e. something for me to clean up. We soon realized that the dirt and twigs and crap kept reappearing under the umbrella. Someone (thing) was determined. Then one morning we actually saw Mrs. Robin and by noon a complete nest appeared. I hadn't even been able to put away my laundry during that time but this little bird created the most intricate of homes for her soon to be laid eggs. I had been told not to disturb a nest because the mother might abandon it so I ever so stealthily climbed atop the table and peered into the nest a couple of days later. I found three beautiful blue robin's eggs! I lifted the boys up during the afternoon when I knew she would be gone and threatened them with their lives if they ever tried to disturb the nest.

Since then you cannot keep me away from the window. She is always there first thing in the morning, sitting atop her eggs quite protectively. Sam (not-so-secretly) wants the robin to abandon the nest so he can give the eggs to his snake but I am determined that won't happen. I love to see which way she is sitting because she is obviously trying to evenly distribute her warmth while keeping a watchful eye.

I read that the incubation period is 12-15 days and my guess is that it's been about 4 or 5 days so far. I will keep you posted and if I'm lucky enough I will get a picture.

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Yaya said...

Any update on the Robins?