Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 10th Edition

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Thirteen Things I Should Be Doing Other Than This

I didn't blog at all this week because I felt I was spending way too much time blogging and/or thinking about what I would blog about the next day. I miss it . . . but do I miss it the way I miss online porn or the way I miss something really meaningful? I'm just kidding about the porn. Really. I should have used American Idol as a metaphor.

I should be . . .
1. doing laundry
2. cleaning up dog shit
3. exercising
4. switching out winter clothes for spring
5. organizing the toys in the playroom
6. writing thank you cards
7. reading an inspirational book
8. putting my children to bed
9. taking a shower
10. cleaning the kitchen
11. bl*g my husband
12. catching up on my correspondence
13. ironing

With the exception of one item on that mind-numbing list I think I should have just decided to blog.

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beth said...

If only we knew which that ONE item was ... hmmm ... I just can't imagine which it is ....

Love your list!

Monday through Sunday said...

It seems like I should be doing laundry ALL the time!!

Kaige said...

Love your sense of humor. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

Happy TT!

Holly said...

Ha ha - I LIKED this TT-13. Oh, I know about cleaning up doggie doo...

Thanks for the chuckles.



Jenny said...

Hey, we have identical to do lists!

I was able to check off a few today, but not as many as I would hope. One was especially fun;-)

I just added you to my favorites, I love your blog and will return again soon!

Happy TT!

tommie said...

I think that is my to do list every single day!

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Connie said...

but you blog so good -- you should do it every day :)

love your reality list --you're my fav.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This is a great list! I felt like saying, "Check. Check. Check. Check..."

Monica said...

Laundry was the one thing I did get done today.

Very fun list!

Lisa said...

I could say ditto to ALL those things, and add a few of my own. :)

Happy TT, My list is up!

Mercedes said...

I should be doing #1-#3, #10, & #12. I really gotta catch up on #2! Thanks for visiting!

Di said...

Ironing? What's that?

Cindy Swanson said...

Can't say as I blame you...I'd rather be doing just about anything in the world than cleaning up dog #X*! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello.... "Should" is a totally toxic word! Drop it from your vocabulary this moment. Then, get your children to bed and bl*g your husband! After all, the only time you have is NOW.
hugs and love.

Vixen said...

Yea, I just can't imagine what the one item is??? Must by ironing, huh?

Great TT

Nap Warden said...

Yes, but blogging is so much more fun:)