Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good for the Soul, Not for the Budget

My sweet, snotty girl hasn't been too pleasant the last couple of days. And rightly so. She's got a bug. A kind neighbor took the boys for awhile, helping to preserve my sanity this Spring Break since we are going . . . no where (that's ok, we are going to Mexico in April). I was able to get out of the house for some much needed retail therapy. As soon as we were out and about, riding escalators and trying on shoes, Lucy perked right up. Snot and diarrhea magically disappeared! It is 40 degrees and rainy today but I couldn't resist indulging her with these shoes. Shoes can brighten any day and even at 2, she gets this most basic phenomenon. She proceeded to enjoy the rest of our shopping just for the love of it. We smelled soaps and candles and marveled at how pretty things were. We sat in cozy chairs and fluffed pillows. Having a little girl that loves to shop as much as I do is definitely good for my soul, but, alas, not so good for the budget. Its probably a good thing that she was proceded by two boys who would rather do just about anything else.


Juleah said...

Very cute shoes, can't wait to get them:) Retail therapy is wonderful. Glad you and Lucy had a fun day together.

Library Lady said...

It is one of the fun things about having girls. Even my older daughter (13) who professes to HATE clothing shopping, gets into it when we're actually in the store.|

Her little sister is a girly-girl. The upside of that is she loves to shop. The downside is that I end up buying her way too much stuff!