Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Baby's Growin' Up

We registered for Midget Football today (starts in August). We didn't realize we would also get all the gear today. It was pretty exciting! What a cutie he is. I hope he likes it, as football has always been my favorite sport to watch.

Football was big where I grew up. I have no memory of my 7 yr old friends playing but I have fond memories of sneaking liquor into the high school games and drinking under the bleachers. Making fun of cheerleaders. Pining away for the quarterback.

I love the pure manliness and physicality of the sport. The fact that they need all those pads for protection, the sweating and grunting, the smell of testosterone in the air. Tight asses in little pants. Love it.

But I digress. None of that has anything to do with my sweet 7yr old playing football for the first time. I hope he doesn't get his ass kicked hurt. He's strong. He's tough. He could use a good beating. He's always had a freakishly strong threshold for pain. He'll be fine. I can't wait.


heather said...

Is 7 the youngest? Because football is also my favorite sport, even though my husband is convinced that our son has his wiry skinny build and will be a baseball player. Will baseball be more exciting if it's your kid playing? Time will tell.

Jenny said...

He looks so cute!

Football has always been my favorite sport to watch too.

I wish we had midget football around her, it would be so fun to watch the little guys play!