Monday, February 23, 2009

You can't eat it, you can't fuck it and it won't get you into heaven

That was Mickey Rourke's response to Bahbwa WaWa when she asked him what winning the Oscar would mean to him. (I'm just watching it tonight) OK, so now I love him. Mangled face, silver tooth, gay outfits and all. I feel bad for making fun of him and his chihuahua, Loki, who died after 18 years. His dogs truly kept him alive. And I totally understand that because if he had had children during that time in his life he definitely would have killed himself.

Hugh Jackman was voted 2008's sexiest man alive by People magazine. It was rumored he was gay even before I brought it up. I thought I was being original but hellooooo. . . . . his kids are ADOPTED!! OMG, gay gay gay gay. so cute. but gay. Just another example of the liberal mainstream media saying whatever the hell they want regardless of the truth. i.e. OBAMA. Media is talking out its butt about someone they know nothing about. Blah blah blah blah.

At least Mickey seems true to himself, you know? I have been identifying with various celebrities this week (not too much diff from other weeks). I admire Mickey for putting himself out there knowing people are going to make fun of him. He's not stupid; he knows what people are going to say: he obviously doesn't care. Again, I am reminded of myself. Why does everything remind me of myself???

It has been a big step for me to put my blog out there for anyone to read. Beyond my mother and my husband. There is just something about putting your shit out there and saying "here it is!". Don't like it? Oh, Well. Like it? Oh, well.

You can't put any more stock in people that like you versus people who don't. I think I am finally comfortable saying whatever I want and knowing that those who love me won't love me or leave me based on what I say in my blog. Everyone in my life is totally stuck with me by now.


the Accidental Genius said...

this blogs dope!

papaT said...

You are one of the FUNNIEST writers I have ever could write for SNL, or 30 Rock, or whatever. Glad you're comfortable in your skin, 'cause that's important. And, btw, I read your blog a lot, just don't offer many comments...still like it like hell, tho...keep up the (as usual) good work!

Connie said...

ya know, I'd never thought of Mickey Rourke as being being gay until you said that. Of course, who has even thought about Mickey in the last umpteen years. But then I was watching him on the awards show and lo and behold his mannerisms said Wow, maybe he is gay. (Not that it really matters.) So, then I found this ... and somehow it confirmed your insight at least a little.

Anyway, yes, he is true to himself which you gotta love. I was hoping he'd win just because I thought it was so gutsy to put it all out there and yes, to have it acknowledged and celebrated. Yay for him.

Anonymous said...

What are you on? I want some.