Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Blog is Experiencing a Downturn

This is just a warning, to those who give a shit, that my blog may be focusing (for a short time) more on the superficial than the spiritual. I am finding comfort in cursing and making fun of people. I'm not proud of it. I would not recommend it. But that's what I'm doing. Like it or not. Read it or don't.

I was really surprised when I did a little research and found that the movie 9 1/2 Weeks came out in 1986. Lord knows I feel old as it is, but I did not realize that I was only 15 yrs old when this movie came out. It made a BIG impression on me and my sexual development. If only in my mind. And, thankfully, my mind was the only thing that was active at that time.

So, here comes the disturbing part. Have you seen Mickey Rourke lately? He's nominated for an Oscar but he's a fucking mess. Holy Fuck is he hard to look at. That's it. I'm just disturbed. I can't believe I had fantasies about this man. It's just all fucked up.

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La Con said...

Look at the positive side -- you're not having fantasies about him now -- that would give you real cause to be disturbed. He was definitely a pin-up boy in his day -- and now is a perfect example of what hard living can do -- I loved the movie though, in a sad, heartbreaking way.