Friday, February 27, 2009

Woman's Face Ripped Off by Pet Chimp

You've probably heard about this story. It's horrific. Watch the entire video just so you can get Sandra's whole story. The 911 call is especially disturbing.

And by disturbing, I mean that the 911 operator was a freaking idiot. "What's wrong with your friend" . . "He's killing her" . . . "OK, what's the problem?". And then he was like, "Yeaahhh right, your chimpanzee is killing your friend." A touch condescending, doncha think?

Also, does it look like Travis has a diaper on? He can drive, use the computer and model but he can't figure out how to use a toilet? That seems a little suspicious to me.

Sandra has had a rough time. Her husband died 5 years ago then her daughter was killed in an auto accident and now her beloved chimpanzee/son ripped off the face of her best friend. That's some fucked up karma right there. What are the chances she hangs on much longer?

On a lighter note, she looks pretty good for 70. And quick on her feet too. I have a feeling she has laced tea with Xanax before, no?

P.S. I have since read that Travis could not only use the toilet but could drink from a wine glass. Now its sounding suspicious but in a totally different way.


Anonymous said...

Could he have had some Alzheimers or just too much Zoloft, it probably was nott the first time he had it. Was the owner ever charged?

Anonymous said...

Okay that last bit about them possibly filing criminal charges, they can't! She didn't do anything wrong! On the contrary, she stabbed her own chimp and called 911 to save her friend. I don't see anything criminal in that. It was an unexplainable accident. The fact that police would even consider criminal charges when she did nothing wrong shows how stupid they can be.