Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love my new Keurig!!

I retired my Senseo with the old house and purchased a Keurig Home Brewing System for the new house. I love it!! Why, you ask? Well, first I just love to get new kitchen gadgets. Besides that, it has a bazillion choices for coffee, tea and hot cocoa. No mess. I like the coffee better than the Senseo. I didn't really dig the frothy European thing.

Juleah, you would love it!!


yaya said...

Can't wait to try a cup! How about next Thursday?

Natalie said...

wow! new kitchen gadgets make me very happy!

Juleah said...

I love my froth..... but look forward to trying it soon. Rod will be thrilled that you are introducing me to another tempting kitchen product:)

BB said...

Well Senseo is Dutch (Philips) and so it the name Keurig, still a tint of European into your daily coffee :-)

Still I aim for Nespresso being the best on-cup coffee :)