Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 1 of Quantum Cleanse

I decided that there's no time like the present even though I started off the day with caffeine and dairy. I am not going to have an all or nothing attitude. I figure I have a whole lot of room for improvement so I might a well get crackin.
Breakfast: coffee with sf creamer and then a skim sf caramel latte
Lunch: Veggie Chicken Strips with Garlic Teriyaki Sauce, Brown Rice and Edamame

It had been in my fridge for awhile and was past the due date but still tasted ok. The rice was a little mushy and the teriyaki sauce had too much sugar to be ideal but it was a better choice than the pulled pork bbq sandwich that I would have had otherwise. Lunch is generally pretty easy for me. The true test will come later in the day.

Snack: apple with Whole Foods honey roasted peanut butter. I'll have to wean myself off of that sweet peanut butter. It's yuuummmy.

I said NO to my usual afternoon Diet Coke.

Snack #2:
A premium blend of organic sugar snap peas, roasted potatoes, and red peppers with garden herbs, lightly seasoned and steamed to perfection. Quite tasty. I have purchased before and will again.

Baja Burger over spinach with miso dressing. The burger wasn't vegan because it had cheese although I couldn't taste any among the big pieces of black beans, corn, roasted peppers and rice. It had a lot of flavor but was quite dense and made me feel like I need to have BM soon after. The pkg came with two burgers. I will eat the second but I don't think I will purchase again, although it was quite a filling meal for under 200 calories.

Alcohol: I did have wine this evening. I wanted to congratulate myself on a job well done: ) The thought of no coffee or latte in the morning is already making me squirm. I don't think I can tackle caffeine, dairy and alcohol all at the same time so I'm going to start with the caffeine and dairy and leave my favorite for last.

It appears I have a lot more time on my hands that Oprah to have given such detail. I suppose I could have spent that time cooking up some of those gourmet recipes but blogging with pictures is the one thing that kept me motivated. Oh, and the environment of course. And all those little piggies and chickens.

Why Reduce Meat Intake? Producing 1kg of animal protein requires approximately 100 times more water than producing 1kg of grain protein.

Pimentel D, Piementel M (2003). Sustainability of meat-based and plant-based diets and the environment. AM J Clin Nutr 78 (Suppl), 662S

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Gift of Green said...

Okay, the part about the Smart Menu being past its use by date cracked me up.