Wednesday, August 22, 2007

G is for Growing Up

I can't believe the kids are growing up so fast! Plus, it also means I am getting oooold. Sam is finally about to lose his first tooth one month before he turns 7, which is much later than anyone else we know. I was really enjoying looking at all those baby teeth in his big boy mouth. Once the adult teeth come in they look SO BIG comparatively. You can already see the big tooth coming in behind the one that's hanging by a thread. It makes me sad.

And then there's sweet Henry, going off to kindergarten and riding the bus. He will still be my baby boy for awhile longer though.
P.S. after I posted this the first time, Sam lost his tooth while on his playdate. He's convinced the tooth fairy will leave him either $5 or a small toy.


Yaya said...

You'll have to keep us posted about the tooth fairy's generosity:)

Sarah said...

The tooth fairy left a very generous $6. I told him it was probably because he had to wait so long to lose his first tooth. He also got $2 from the mom of the playdate he was on. She said she would give it to him if he pulled it out! So today we went to Target and he bought two stuffed animals, one for $5 and one for $3. I don't understand why he still wants those but I guess it's just because he LOVES animals. Go figure.