Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sparkle Sponge

This may not be the most absorbent sponge I've ever used but it's the only one that actually makes me want to clean. I just love it! It sits next to my kitchen sink just begging to be picked up and used to make my kitchen sparkle!

I bought a butt load of them so I will never run out and will always have a clean one! The picture does not do it justice. It is much sparklier in person. Kind of like yours truly.


Connie said...

Did you find this on your Target escape route?

Sarah in Disturbia said...

Actually, I ended up leaving and being gone pretty much all day on Saturday! I went to see the Twilight movie, shopped, found some lovely holiday items already marked down, had an early dinner and a glass of wine . . . all blissfully alone. And, no, I got the Sparkle Sponges at my new fancy ass grocery store!!

Juleah said...

Nice. It would take more than a sparkle sponge to make me want to clean. I do notice that if I find a scented cleaner that I really like I tend to clean more because I love the fresh scent.