Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pre-Party Panic

I'm having a New Year's Day party. There's no backing out now. I think Chad and I started our New Year's Day tradition 10 years ago?? That can't be right. But I think we started it Jan 1, 2000 which would make this year ten but our 11th celebration (someone check my math)!

Each year I seem to invite more and different people depending on where we live and who we're close with. Last year was our first New Year's Day in Sewickley and I have vague memories of inviting people (not tooo many, because I invited too many the year before and swore I wouldn't do that again) and then freaking out in my post Christmas funk, not wanting to cook one more thing, canceling, saying something about unforeseen circumstances......

So this year I decided to really have a Partaayy. I sent out an Evite to a shitload of people. What I didn't plan on was all the fucking kids associated with those adults!! We need to stop breeding. It's out of control. So now I'm panicking just a bit. My latest RSVP count is 48, 24 adults and 24 kids. Yeah, I know. What the fuck was I thinking. You should have seen Chad's face when I told him . . . yesterday. Not to mention 20 maybes, also equally divided.

AND, I've decided to try a new ham recipe! Brilliant, right? Instead of baking and glazing my tried and true ham I am going to roast a fresh ham! It is the biggest ham you have ever seen!! It's like a whole pig's leg or something. Poor piggie. They're as smart as three year olds, you know (new year's resolution!)

I calculated the roasting time based on what I could find online and it was 6 hours! Really??? The last thing I want is to overcook it. Well, maybe the last thing I want is to serve an underdone ham. The Partaayy starts at 1pm. What time do I put the ham in?? Better safe than sorry, right??

It will be fine. I'm counting on people coming and going between 1 and 4 and not staying the entire time. I bought a bunch of crafts today to keep kids (i.e. girls) busy and I have three sitters scheduled to help. I am going to keep the menu simple. Hoppin' John Stew, which I can cook the night before. Cornbread muffins. THE HAM. Spinach Dip. Pizza for kids.

The funniest thing really is seeing Sam & Henry's reaction to my panic. I made a list of all the kids broken out between boys, girls and babies. They just laughed and laughed when they saw how many adults AND kids (boys) were coming. They are now even calling in The Partaayy. Chad is just worried. The boys find it amusing. I am now somewhere in between. My goal is to enjoy myself! I think everything will fall into place after that.


Juleah said...

First, I find it strange that I have never remembered you having a New Year's Day party. Two, I am freaking out with you. I would love to offer you some encouraging and calming words but all I can think is "are you insane?" Good Luck! Can't wait to hear about it:)

Sarah in Disturbia said...

Ok. Those were not the comforting words I was hoping for. It's the the baby brain! Last year was a dud but I still cooked. The year before I think was a pretty big one or maybe it was the year before that. . . . Maybe we're just all caught up in after Christmas stuff that talking about it falls through the cracks.

Connie said...

I have always thought your New Year's Day party was a great idea. And I think you're right about the coming and going part. It'll be the event of the (new) year and sounds like one you will want to remember. I used to keep a party ledger with my menu, how many came, what was left over, etc. I like the mid-day timing. Not much drinking, if at all, which is a huge plus with a group that size. Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Larry and I used to have a New Years day party (instead of New Years Eve) and always served Ham. It's too late now, but I have a great cajun recipe. Don't forget to have black eyed peas. And if you don't want them hot, make the Texas Cavier dip. You're smart having sitters scheduled. People will come and go, and maybe ( I haven't checked the forecast) kids can play outside. It will be great. No last minute stuff that will drive you crazy. Have a wonderful new year, Sarah Su.