Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lucy & Grandma Ann

My Aunt Jennifer's comment about Lucy's resemblance to my Grandma Ann made me want to go find a picture and compare. Here they are. I think it's the eyes and the cheeks.


Juleah said...

YOU look like your Grandma Ann. I can see some Lucy in her also, but you surely have that beautiful ladies blood running through you.

Jennifer said...

She WAS a beautiful lady in every sense of the word. I really liked her. I never saw her young and think of her only with very white hair. I don't think the resemblance is in the eyes (maybe Phil's) but most certainly the cheeks, probably mouth but I'm still saying its the chin. And then again, what does it really matter? Lucy, from all reports, is her own person no matter what. I'm just glad to hear that the sweet nature has transcended into her old soul.

love you.
Aunt Jenny