Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 10 of Quantum Cleanse

I'm not sure if I should continue to call this the Quantum Cleanse. It feels more like 'Day 10 in the Life of a Virgin Vegan'. Veganism is the one thing I feel really committed to right now which is huge for me, in and of itself. Although, I have given up caffeine, unless you count decaf coffee which apparently still has a little. I have given up the big wheat items like bread and crackers but if a vegan item, like a veggie burger, contains wheat then I eat it. SO MANY things have wheat in them; you would be surprised. I have been pretty good about the sugar although I have definitely not omitted it entirely. I've pretty much eliminated artificial sweeteners. I have not given up wine. Overall, I'm definitely cleaning up my act.

How do I feel? I feel best about the vegan thing but more in a mental and spiritual way. Physically, I feel good because I've lost a couple of lbs but I would probably feel the same if I had lost it another healthy way. My skin looks a lot better which I attribute to the vegan lifestyle. I am sure the effects of a vegan lifestyle will have even more/better long term effects as time goes on.

What is the hardest part? I think it's just breaking old habits. The way I miss caffeine is more about my habits and ego than anything. I feel just as awake in the morning drinking decaf but I feel like a dork ordering decaf at Starbucks. I miss my afternoon diet coke, not because of the pick-me-up but because I love diet coke and chocolate together. I have to admit I had about 4 sips of a diet coke this afternoon with a choc/pnut butter protein bar. The Cliff Builder's Bar happened to be one of my favorites even before I started paying attention to vegan ingredients.

Even though I have never big a big sandwich eater I have been craving sandwiches lately. Soft wheat bread with anything in between. I'm more than happy to fill it with vegan mayo, vegan ham and vegan cheese (which is really hard to find btw). I haven't broken down yet but maybe soon. Oh, and pbj sounds sooooo good. It's just not the same on a rice cake.

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Connie said...

I think the dairy would be the hardest for me to omit. Have you looked at Ezekiel breads? It's sprouted grains -- some are wheat and barley but I bet they have rice or other grains too.