Sunday, August 15, 2010

Willie Nelson update

So, Willie was awesome. We got there a bit late because we figured the "family" might be playing so I think we missed some good Willie tunes. The sun was down and there were dark rain clouds overhead so it was comfortably warm. The concert was pretty basic as far as presentation (a huge Texas flag in the background), instruments & musicians which was quite refreshing during a time when so many things are too extravagant and over the top. I envy Willie and his family. They've obviously spent a lifetime following their passion. When will I discover mine?


Matthew said...

It seems like some people find one big passion that dominates their life. Others get less passionate about any single thing, but discover more things in their lives. I used to think I was the former kind of person, but I'm just not. It took me a good ten to fifteen years of frustration to figure that out.

I'm a dilettante!

Juleah said...

Glad to see you blogging again. I hope to get back to it myself soon, I think you inspired me. I like your new look. Willie sounds fun. The only concert I have been to is New Kids On the Block and I wore black leggings with a ripped white jean skirt and a big pin that said "say no." I was such a Joey and Jordan fan.

Connie said...

I'm with Matthew. At times I've wanted a single passion, but realize that's just not me. I enjoy too many different things. My passion is discovery. Maybe that's it.