Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Food I Can't Live Without

One of my favorite, semi-healthy, go-to meals right now is, let's call it, Sarah's Cobb Salad. I can assemble it in less than 5 minutes and I thoroughly enjoy every single bite. Oh so tasty and I feel no guilt because I love it so much. Worth every single calorie.

My most favorite ingredient that I start to panic a bit when I'm almost out of is Galeos Miso Dijonnaise. I love, love, LOVE this salad dressing!!! I would love it even if it were unhealthy but it's actually super healthy! Low calorie, low fat, low sugar, high flavor. Love it!! I can only buy it at Whole Foods which is a pain to get to so I sometimes just order it online so I don't have to go without.

My second favorite and absolutely necessary ingredient is blue (or gorgonzola) cheese. Sometimes I have a big tub from Sam's Club which is adequate but lately I've been splurging on smaller portions of better quality cheese. Totally worth it.

I always buy in bulk mixed greens, real bacon bits & ready to eat chicken strips from Sam's Club so I have never have an excuse for not eating a salad.

My favorite croutons are Rothbury Farms (Cheese Garlic). They have the perfect crunch and seasoning. Other croutons just aren't worth the calories.

If I'm really on the ball I'll have hard boiled eggs & avocado on hand. Bonus but not necessary for pure enjoyment of my salad.

What's your favorite food, meal or recipe this summer?


Connie said...

I've eaten more avocados this summer than I have in my entire life. Finally accepting and realizing the good fat quality. AND for the first time in my life, I am able to open an avocado and not feel an obligation to put toothpicks in it and try to grow a plant. Maybe that's just a '70s thing?

Juleah said...

Can't wait to try it next month! I have a new chocolate bar that I LOVE. Panko....dark chocolate, panko breadcrumbs and sea salt! Yummy! I have also taken to horseradish. I will put it on red meats or in potatos. One last thing, tomatos marinated in LOTS crushed garlic. This is the perfect side to just about any meal