Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Monday

Great day! Not manic at all. I bounded out of bed at 6am. I scooted those little goblins onto the bus for their first day of school and basked in a bicker-free environment for the rest of my day..... Not free of whining because I had Lucy but it was still music to my ears. I don't even think she realizes she's whining at this point. Whaaaaaattttteeeeeevvvverrrr!!

By the time the boys got off the bus I had baked brownies, bagel bites & pizza to welcome them home. They bounded off the bus with smiles. Hooray!!

Apparently Sam's teacher is the Goddess of all Children. She has 6 biological children, one with special needs and another that recently had a liver transplant. She's in the process of adopting two more with special needs. WELL......... I said, "Did you mention you had FOUR cavities and I dealt with it in stride! I had them filled right away! And with the white stuff, not the trashy silver stuff. Yeah! Did you put that in your "me bag" to take to school tomorrow?

I bet she had a crock pot going all day making pot roast or some shit. I've decided if I make brownies & pizza when they get home from school then that's their dinner! Seriously? I suggested Chad have a burrito. Duh.


Connie said...

From the looks of things -- and the sounds of things -- you're definitely buzzing about. Early this morning I pictured you doing your little dance at the bus stop. Hope Henry's teacher was ready for her aspiring class comedian.

Sarah in Disturbia said...

You're so good! You replied before I really even finished!

Jennifer said...

Yeah. I'm always suspicious of these "people" who have too many children, especially with special needs. What is it that they are trying to do exactly? Special needs children need 1:1...not be part of a litter. I think you don't need to compare yourself ONE bit! There was no crockpot full of roast..guarantee it. Pizza and bagel bites were just fine! and, your boys were tucked in and felt good about their home.

Connie said...

A big astounding NO on this hazy, blurry background.