Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Up Homies??

I'm feelin' the urge to blog! Partly because my creative side has been lying (laying?) dormant for way too long. Partly because I have the urge to scream WTF???? Partly because I've had 3 glasses of wine.

I want to vent without being judged and without anyone taking it personally. Is that possible?? That sounds like nirvana to me. I have spent my entire life fearing the people I love will not like me if I spew what's in my head. Honestly, sometimes they don't. Is it possible to say what you think without anyone taking it personally?? Don't we all know by now that what we say has everything to do with us and nothing to do with YOU? Thus, the desire for an anonymous blog. Of course, that leaves those of you in my life wondering WTF do I want to say. Well, if I told you I'd have to kill you :-) Or vice versa.

I often feel like I'm walking through life smiling, hugging, air kissing, saying "How are you, I'm great! How are YOU?" over and over. I want to be real without complaining. Honestly, I don't have anything to complain about. I want other people to be real, but really real. Not stupid real. I want to be compassionate and empathetic. I also want to say "REALLY, STFU!" I am blessed to have friends & family in my life right now that are smart and honest. You know who you are :-)

I did a quick search for "mom blogs" for Chad today because he wants to target Qdoba advertising through social media to Pittsburgh moms. Free kid's meals on Sundays! Awesome! I was like, "I don't read Mom blogs" as if I was too school for cool. What I did find in my quick search was borrrringgg. I'm not an idiot. I know there are super cool, funny blogs out there. If you love one. Post it. Cuz I didn't find them in my quick search.

I have been searching for my passion for the last, say 39 years. I have yet to discover it. What have I discovered? I love to write. I love attention. I love to cook. I love my kids & my husband. I really think they are so much better than everyone else's. No offense. That has to be something genetic so that we don't kill our own. I must be doing something right because I know I have the best friends right now. I want to eat you all up!! It's true.

I have written many posts over the last few months, never finished or posted. This one is scattered and random, like many others. I might actually post this one. A step in the direction of creativity, honesty, acceptance....


Leslie said...

Xoxo! Really? Whachuwan chicken fri ri? I'm always game for a good Stfu from you. Ha!

Jennifer said...

Well shit. I just wrote an eloquent piece that didn't save. 'what I did say, Sarah Su, was I was taken aback when I moved to Seattle and no one asked "how are you?" And then I was frankly annoyed when I returned to OK and everyone asked the same rhetorical question without giving a rats ass about the ANSWER. I know what you are saying. what I really want to say is "I'm glad you're back" AND I'm sorry my first post didn't cut the mustard. It was
far better....

Connie said...

I think you and Ricky Gervais would be fast friends. I loved that he was not apologetic or defensive about his Globes performance. You shouldn't be apologetic either. Part of who you are is that you ARE who you are. (That's pretty deep when you think about it.)

And like they always say, if you don't like what's showing, change the channel. Me? I'll be tuning in here. Glad you're back.

Juleah said...

SWEET! I am so glad your back, you add some spice in my life! The blogger world needs you. All of us blogger moms just talk about how we love our kids and how creative we are and how delicious dinner was last night......but YOU, well you broke the mold! You do everything but, you talk about the dirty side of motherhood and life in a humorous way. You got something unique and special! I all works for you. And I throughly enjoy it! xoxo!