Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's obvious I haven't posted in awhile. I am officially taking an extended hiatus.....for many reasons. I won't say just yet that I'm done with this blog but that is what I'm thinking. I have all but three readers so it's not like this is earth shattering news or that I can't tell you myself next time I talk to you. But there it is. Sayonara for now, compadres!! It's been real.


Anonymous said...

So long Frank Lloyd Wright
I can't believe your song is gone so soon
I barely learned the tune
So soon
So soon.

Connie said...

You have to think about why you blog. Is it for your readers or for you? Is it an outlet for which there is no other source? You say things in your blogging that you don't say out loud. Not because you wouldn't or couldn't but because the timing or situation isn't right. You're an awesome blogger so I encourage you to think about this.

Sarah in Disturbia said...

You are completely right. It is an outlet for things I wouldn't necessarily say out loud. That being said, it has not always been a good thing for me to have everyone I know read it. I think I might need an anonymous blog to keep saying what I want to say.

Jennifer said...

Well, Sarah Su, there are certainly things that you will not say to me next time we talk because we NeVer talk. I miss your blog...but, I gave up my blog, too. I got tired of myself and it became self-serving in some way. But, it was a really good way to journal and I enjoy going back and reading my beginning in Germany. I purposely kept the dark side to myself tho' and I sort of wish I hadn't. The darkness preceeds the light. All of that to say I miss being part of your crazy-mamma life. Love you.

Shannon said...

Okay, so I read this post and was very sad. I know you have a super busy life and all, but youre soo *ucking hilarious!! I can always count on your insights to crack me up! Seriously! So after Ive been standing at my computer nuuude, ready for a bath, after a hard days work, ON CHRISTMAS (!!!), and have read all the way to August 22nd without remembering that the precious bath water is getting cold, I dont think you should quit. Youre really funny. Thats all Im sayin. I will really miss it but you gotta do whatcha gotta do.