Sunday, November 1, 2009

Route 66 Countdown: 21 days

Today my goal was to take a fairly strenuous 2.5 hour walk. I wasn't as concerned with my distance but wanted to incorporate big hills and go for at least 2.5 hours. I did it, actually walking for 3 hours. And I didn't chicken out on any of the hills. I had new kicks I was breaking in and could tell they were much better than my old shoes. I felt pretty good when I was done. My hips and lower back were sore. I just wanted to sit and stretch.

But, just as I got home it was time to take Henry to hockey and Chad was busy working on the house and yard so I took him. After getting him on the ice I had to return the boys' football equipment for the season. Then I picked Henry up, getting home just in time to take Sam to hockey. Chad was still working hard so back to hockey I went.

Sam was practicing as goalie today which he was SUPER excited about. He wanted to get there early because goalie equipment is different than what we're used to. We have to put goalie pads on at the rink as opposed to at home with normal hockey pads. For goalie leg pads he lays the pads on the floor and then lays on top of them, belly to the floor, while I strap him in. The first time I did this we didn't realize we had to put the skates on first (they go on last with regular pads) so we had to unstrap and start over. Today, after he was all strapped in he stood up and the coach told me I had them on the wrong legs! Start over! Oh well, I think now we've made all the newbie mistakes and know what we're doing. At least as far as getting dressed.

We made it home about 4pm and I finally took off my running shoes. One blister. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and here I am. Wiped Out.

While I'm typing, Lucy is in the next room flitting around to her Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie. She is such a girl. Earlier, however, she was determined to put those goalie pads on herself. No one would help her but she was trying her darnedest. She would not take no for an answer. Just about the cutest thing. I love that these boys have a little sister and I love that she has two older brothers. She will be so much tougher and they will be just a little softer.

UPDATE: Obviously, I was really tired and wiped out tonight. So was Chad. After talking to him I found out he moved the equivalent of 3 tons of tile and stone today. Yep. 3 tons. Among many other things. I think that trumps my 10 miles. He consistently amazes me.


Connie said...

I did my 8 yesterday and was worthless the rest of the day. Not really sore today, just stiff. Hot tub and stretching are on my schedule today. You are a real motivator for me. I would have thrown this idea out the window if you weren't being so persistent. Thank you for that.

Jennifer said...

I have no experience with marathons but I admire tenacity and goals. Neither do I have experience with hockey equipment, but I do have experience with being a "newby" mom in a little boy's life. Austen was playing little league, Larry was out of town and I received an email that Austen couldn't come to practice withhout wearing a cup. We left for the sporting goods store, Megan made a cryptic remark like "make sure you get a little one Austie" that made our trip even more tense. We chose one according to "waist" size and then neither of us knew how or where you were supposed to wear it. Inside the underwear? Outside the underwear? Outside the uniform? O MY. Youth and trauma. You're a great mamma, Sarah Su. You'll be so happy in old age...when you can relax ;_)