Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

November 1 marks the beginning of the Holiday Season in my mind. I'm planning a Cookie Exchange party. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. All of the stores are putting their Christmas stuff out. I need to get a picture of the kids this month for our Christmas card. Every year that seems to get harder and harder. It shouldn't be that hard. They're so super cute. I'll try bribing them with Halloween candy. It's a little early for the "Don't make me call Santa" line.

Can someone come up with a way to keep coffee in a coffee cup hot for a long time? I usually drink my coffee out of a thermal mug which does the trick but this morning they were all dirty so I'm drinking out of one of my cute coffee mugs. I forgot how much more enjoyable it is to sip from a mug. It just doesn't stay hot. And I don't want some "special stay hot mug" because I like my own. What about some type of hot stone or something???

I'm walking for two and a half hours today in training for walking the half marathon (which is in 21 days!). Yikes!! I hope that gets me to 9 miles but I'm adding some killer hills today. In any case, it will be a good workout. I'm going to have to get serious during the next three weeks. You too, mom. Jessica is going to kick our butt.

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Jennifer said...

The hot stone idea would probably work. I went to this resturant in Frankfurt and ordered a steak. The waiter presented this hot stone with a completely raw, huge piece of meat on it and you cooked as you ate. It was great! But, I was overserved:-)The meat was at least 8 oz. but it was delicious. I don't like those travel mugs even tho' they keep the coffee hot. The plastic distorts the taste of coffee.

You would love all of the Christmas markets in Germany. They go nuts over Christmas. Maybe my usual bah-hambug will be shaken up a bit. We'll see...