Monday, October 26, 2009

Farewell Piggies

Yesterday, Lucy and I returned our three guinea pigs to Guinea Pig Rescue. I have been planting seeds in their little minds (Sam, Henry & Lucy's) for awhile to get them to agree to getting rid of the pigs. Pretty much any toy they desired was theirs for the asking. I was so tired of cleaning up guinea pig shit and urine soaked pine bedding. The ammonia stench after a few days was awful. And the pigs were in the laundry room so every time I walked up the stairs I felt the call of the laundry AND heard "wheeking" from the pigs who were standing up and waiting for me to make them happy. And they were easy to make happy. They wanted food and a clean cage. If it were only so easy to make every one else who needed me as happy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, everyone else won.

When I returned the guinea pigs I told Julene that she was a very special person to take care of all of these guinea pigs. She told me that she was the lucky one and that they were her therapy. Everyone has their thing. I love to care for and nurture the people and animals I love but there is a limit and I guess guinea pigs were my limit. I'm glad someone like Julene knows that caring for guinea pigs is her purpose. I'm actually not sure what my purpose is yet. At least she knows what hers is.


Connie said...

Good move. Besides making you feel needed, I guess the value of them is learning responsibility and a little more about animals. Maybe everyone learned something or at least will have a memory.

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain, sister. My biggest nightmare was when I agreed to let the kids bring home the classroom mouse for the summer. Oh, so cute. But then, the other child wanted to bring home HIS classroom mouse. OK! But, you have to make sure they are the same sex. No problem! I was told. Oh, there was a problem. Tiny was a female and Speedy was a male and within 2 weeks there were 6, then 12 then 18. We had 3 aquariums filled with mice! The kids sold them to the local pet store for 50cents a piece until the in-breeding started making the mice crazy and freaky behaviour. We tried hampsters, fish, Peter the Rabbit, then finally settled on the most beautiful pet of all. Mickey, our golden retriever and best friend for 13 years. I still get misty eyes remembering and loving that dog. It just takes time to find that perfect family pet.

Sarah in Disturbia said...

And you, my dear Aunt Jennie, are a cancer too! It must be something with us. We've had dogs, lizards, snakes, hermit crabs, fish and guinea pigs. I think our kids will have fond memories of all these pets : )