Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Decoupage Project

This is my decoupage project that lasted all summer. Not because it was difficult but because I am either lazy and/or have ADD. These are paper mache letters, purchased at Jo Anne's, that I covered in tissue paper. I may do DRINK and BE MERRY in different sizes, some covered in tissue paper, others covered in fabric. As you can see, EAT is placed above the mantle in my dining room. The pictures are not great but you get the idea.

Henry asked why the A wasn't pretty.


Connie said...

so Henry wanted the A to be plaid or checked or paisley -- anything but plain. He's a real fashionista, that one.

Juleah said...

Love this. I will definitely have to try this one. I like seeing you use your creative side in a different outlet. The tissue you picked out is beautiful.