Thursday, January 8, 2009

I LOVE Reality TV

Much to my chagrin, I must admit, I love reality TV. A new season has begun and I am filled with giddy anticipation each time I pull up my DVR list. First on the list of shows that I know I shouldn't watch but can't help myself is Bromance. This is an idiotic show about a bunch of guys vying to be Brody Jenner's friend. His BRO. Not a romance. But a BROmance. It is just about the gayest concept for a show except for the fact that Brody Jenner is unbelievably fucking hot.

Second on the list is a spin off from the MTV show The Hills, which I never watched. Nonetheless, I am oddly drawn to this show, The City, starring Whitney Port. I'm almost as attracted to her as I am to my new found BRO.

Thirdly, there is sweet Jason, the single dad who was totally screwed over by last season's bachelorette, DeAnna. He was previously married to some whore that left him with his adorable son Ty. He is devoted to his son yet can't find love. WTF?? Now he's looking for love on The Bachelor amongst 25 new whores. Good Luck, Jason.

There are even more that I am following but not worth mentioning. Let me know if you have any favorites or have a book that might capture my attention even more : )


Connie said...

Eventually there will more than likely be a reality show that appeals to the boomers -- maybe set in an assisted living or retirement complex with all the women vying for that one still with-it male.

Anonymous said...

did i miss The Bachelor premier? how did that happen? and yes, i have seen Bromance mocked on E's the Soup. xo

Justin Hacker said...

Poor Jason. I was forced to watch 1 episode and how can you pick from all of the whores they paraded out? Follow my ass around for a weekend and see all the bullshit that is involved in chasing tail.