Monday, November 24, 2008

What to Write?

I've been feeling my blog calling me lately but I have no idea what to write about. So this is me just writing and figuring that nobody is really reading it right now.

I sliced the shit out of my fingers today while trying to add some sort of vegetable (seedless cucumbers) to the Burger King chicken nuggets my children were devouring. Don't you love seedless cucumbers? Really. I love them. With dairy free dill dressing. My fingers hurt like hell though. Sweet Lucy tried to fix them up with all sorts of band aids. "Poor Mama", she said. Meanwhile the boys were laughing about all the blood and elbowing each other about how it must have really hurt since I cursed. "I cursed? What did I say?" I said. In unison they replied, "SHIT". Oh, yeah, well it really fucking hurt. At least I didn't say that. I also resisted the urge to call them ungrateful jackasses. That's being a good mom right there.

Speaking of dairy free, I've been eating meat and dairy all day, every day. As Henry said, "that vegetarian thing's not working out very well is it?" I am still very aware that I want to eat a meat free diet but my intention and action are just not matching up yet. Oh well. Viva la turkey!

I'm still a little depressed about Obama winning. I won't go in to it, but I am.

I got my 2ND of 3 laser skin treatments today. So excited about that. I can't wait to show before and after pictures. I can't tell any difference so far but soon . . . . the pictures will tell.

I am hosting my first cookie exchange party in a couple of weeks. I have invited a bunch of random people who don't know each other and I'm really excited about it because I really like all of the people that are coming. It's too bad none of them read my blog. They might be flattered.

Last but not least, I am wearing new jeans today that I LOVE. Noone noticed how good my ass looked today but it did. I was asked to model them at a Newcomers Meeting, a group that I just joined in my new neighborhood. I really think they asked me because I'm new and eager. I almost embraced the modeling thing but not really. I haven't quite channelled my AMNTM persona yet. That's American' Next Top Model for anyone who's actually reading this. The jeans are IT brand. And I am IT. as in the shIT. Just kidding. Oh what the hell. I am the shit. As far as you know.


Connie said...

I for one am glad to see you're posting again. Yes, I've missed it.

Anonymous said...

you are the shIT, embrace it, hottie!! and nice jeans! what kind of neighborhood party is this... i might actually be inclined to attend a neighborhood gathering if a fashion show were on the agenda. btw, i haven't yet received my invite to the cookie party. would you dare use my recipes and not include me on the guest list?? All my love....

Anonymous said...

I for one think you ARE hot as shIT. And I have the most intimate knowledge of that. Glad to see you posting again. I do check in weekly or so to see if you have. xoxo